Veteran Crimes / Valor Court

Are you a Veteran that has committed a crime?

Have you committed a crime and suffer from PTSD or have you committed a crime and suffer from anger related issues due to your service in the U.S. Military? This might have been the underlying issue which resulted in your offense. Call The Law Offices of Linda M. Malek for your Free Consultation. We may be able to help you.

Attorney Malek previously served in the U.S. Military and acts as a mentor in Valor Court which is a program specific to assisting veterans and is exclusive to Summit County Common Pleas Court.

Veterans Are given access to programs, treatment, and interaction with mentors to assist them with their issues. There are roughly 40,000 Veterans in Summit County which ranks very high and Ohio ranks in the top 5 states for Veterans in the US.

Here are some General Guidelines for the Summit County Valor Court.

General Guidelines for the Summit County Valor Court:   v  Judge Amy Corrigall Jones reserves the right to accept or reject any referred defendant at any time for any reason.
v  Felony three, four and five level offenses with prosecutorial and victim input.
v  Must be appropriate and amenable to treatment, case management and ancillary services. Prior to entry into the Summit County Valor Court, the veteran will sign a Waiver of Rights form explained and witnessed by defense counsel.
v  Cognitive ability to understand and participate in all levels of the program.  All veterans will sign a memo of understanding in regard to completing required assessments and services.
v  The veteran’s criminal history will be reviewed as part of the acceptance process.